Shok-1 X-Ray Rainbow Street Art Project Laid To Rest In Shoreditch London

Visitor’s on Shoreditch Street Art Tours’ walks have been unanimously awestruck by the beautiful compositions and virtuoso spraying technique of Shok-1, which has been a semi permanent feature for the past 14 months in a corner of a hidden off street spot.

Shok-1’s paintings beguile with iridescent rainbow coloured bone like structures reminiscent of X-Ray images, popping off a solid black background.  The most recent seen this week is the 10th in the series and consisted of 9 poignant glowing crosses in a graveyard, perhaps indicating the final resting place of the previous 9 versions of Shok-1’s X Ray rainbow series.

tn_DSC_9710 copy

The bones eerily echo previous uses of a large portion of nearby Spitalfields as the City Of London burial grounds and indeed just beyond the wall Shok has painted is the graveyard attached to Christchurch Spitalfields.

Fear not though, for at the time of writing there is at least one other classic Shok-1 street art painting which Shoreditch Street Art Tours takes in and hopefully we will see more in the area in the not too distant future.

tn_DSC_9444 copy

The images scattered through this post are a few of the previous incarnations of Shok-1’s wonderful X-Ray Rainbow series.

tn_DSC_8716 copy

tn_DSC_5099 copy cropped

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