Shoreditch Street Art Photography Workshop Challenge – Mitch Hicks Photographer Responds!

At an earlier Street Art Photography Workshop one excellent suggestion from our friend Hooked Blog was  – set a challenge!  So at the Hackney Wicked Street Art Photography Workshop last weekend, 30 or so participants were handed a sheet of paper with a set of photographic challenges which would reinforce some of the suggestions we had made during the workshop:

  • Context shot
  • Abstract detail shot
  • People interaction shot
  • Reflection shot
  • Distorting perspective shot
  • Sticker Shot
  • Artist in shot without pissing them off – BONUS POINT!

We are delighted to share with you the response emailed to us by Mitch Hicks who responded to our tips, hints and exhortations with the following thoughts regarding each of the pictures he has selected and we thank Mitch for his permission to publish these words and images:


MH: The first snap being Context was a tough one to choose.  I went for the graffiti wall that you spent a lot of time explaining how graffiti writers differ from street artist. I like the way I caught movement from you to add to the still wall and a glimpse that this was taken by the canal on a tow path. There was a touch of humour in your stance and the message above your head saying “Take me out”.. On the down side I did not get the 2013 in! 



MH: The second snap Abstract Detail  just had to be a Six One Six, The snap itself is not that abstract but the fact that the settee was maybe one of the most photographed pieces over the weekend and just fitted into that space by the pub made it an easy target for a detailed abstract of a Six One Six pattern with great colours.



MH: The third snap is a real gem People Interaction   I had quite a few good ones to select from but this one with the hand coming from the gate and that man carrying the Hackney Wick local newspaper was made even better by the grills making his face a mystery! Even in the background there were snappers looking for their next capture! The gate just works so well next to that lady! I also like the fact that the man is wearing a bowler hat and he could be taking or giving her that map.



MH: Reflection This snap could well fit into a few of your six challenges. The reflection of the boat is not really the main course in this meal. I have caught the image of the Paul Insect sticker in the camera lens of the lady taking her shot! In a way I’m really reflecting on how the others are doing on this tour. 



MH: Distorting Perspective   Maybe my favourite sculptures in London. This was taken on timer with the camera on the ground! Works very well with the boaters on a higher level. The sculpture looks life size in this image me thinks!


SSAT: in our earlier blog post about our the day trip out to present the Street Art Photography Workshop to the Hackney Wicked Art Festival, there is a shot of the lengths Mitch went to take this glorious photograph.


 MH: [next pic] Shows that you might have a photo artist on tour, she was getting down low but I got down even lower!! 



MH Sticker Again lots of nice ones took my eye on the day, but the clever way Cept placed the sticker on the large poster made this one a real eye opener! Plus colour on black & white works so well here.



MH: I took Artist in shot on my way to your workshop tour, how could I not take it!!!  



If I had not come on this tour I would never have met Neoh.. I did ask could I take a snap of him next to his canvas pictures but that was No! So I took the hand that paints instead!

tn_DSC02309 copy


SSAT: the Workshop challenge awards a bonus point for artist in shot without pissing them off!  Mitch’s encounter suggests our guidance for dealing with this tricky subject proved useful!  His photo did include some tell tail evidence that could betray the artist’s true identity, we would describe the photo as a bit “bait”, so we have taken the liberty of doctoring Mitch’s photo to remove the detailed evidence, on the bold assumption that it will be tricky for the feds to lift finger prints off the artist’s hand via what remains;-)

SSAT:  That was a wonderful response from Mitch who is a naturally accomplished photographer and we look forward to seeing more pics from Mitch in future via his blog.

Don’t forget – the next Shoreditch Street Art Photography Workshop takes place back on our usual Shoreditch stomping ground this Sunday (25th Aug 2013), check out details here and reserve your place here

All photographs copyright: Mitch Hicks