a spider weaves a psychedelic street art web on a car park rooftop in Penge

Street Art in Penge Rooftop Gallery

We have been aware of a proliferation of street art in Penge for some time but didn’t get the chance to visit until this weekend just gone.  This just happened to be the weekend of major Halloween festivities so a lot of the Halloween themed street art was being exhibited to the public for the first time.

scary boy in skeleton costume in front of street art by Skeleton Cardboard in a car park in Penge

Skeleton & Skeleton Cardboard

There is a full appreciation and some lovely photos on sister blog Graffoto,  check out the full story now.  The excursion from Shoreditch was well worth while.

Street art bats hang from the ceiling in a car park in Penge

Bat crazy by Irony

a bird head painted across two pillars  in a car park in Penge

This One in two minds


Penge rooftop gallery website

all photos Dave Stuart