Street Art Photography Workshop Visits Hackney Wicked Arts Festival

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Shoreditch Street Art Tours took its Street Art Photography Workshop to Hackney Wicked Art Festival with a specially customised version of the workshop featuring Hackney Wick Street Art.  A large group of over 30 keen street art voyeurs joined in but fear not if you missed out on this one, the next Shoreditch Street Art Photography Workshop is scheduled for 11am next Sunday, 25th Aug, back in its usual spot in Shoreditch.  For more info click here.

The slide show screen was projected on a screen about the size of half a tennis court – wow!  A dedicated group of visitors to Hackney Wicked then took advantage of the arts and crafts stalls in Queens Yard to photograph lots of crowd scenes.

Among the new pieces spotted on the tour were some tribal faces by 616, including a painted fridge with a hidden 616 inside, and very hard to spot small fish mounted on a wire and most notably on a large sofa he dropped off that morning which proved very popular for photo opportunities. Other finds and great photographic opportunities included some beautiful paste-ups by artist unknown, a new piece of pointillist street art by Jimmy C and a classic pair of Sweet Toof gnashers featuring a gold tooth.

Fears that the street art in Hackney Wick would be too widely distributed and less varied than the Shoreditch offering proved unfounded and the feedback from the visitors was gratifying as always. We look forward to seeing more stunning photos from workshop participants and repeating next year if the Hackney Wicked guys will have us back.