Street Art tributes to Royal Baby

It may have escaped your attention that a new prince was born, or maybe you don’t care but either way, the event didn’t completely pass by some street arts.

Mr.Farenheit sends his regards and best wishes:

Mr Farenheit It's A Girl

An editorial sub heading on the front page of London’s local paper proclaimed today that the economy was “on the mend” due to “heatwave and Royal baby”.  Last year politicians claimed the Olympics was having the same effect and Mr.Farenheit’s street art was nimble in response to that too.

Mr Farenheit Olympics Rip Off

Meanwhile Alex Senna from Brazil completed a 4 panel black and white mural opposite Village Underground.

Alex Senna

Look closely and we see Alex also has noticed a baby was in the news.

tn_P1140283 copy

We expect to report shortly on other artists’ tributes, don’t let us down Don!