Street Artist Art Collaborations in Shoreditch London


Last week, Shoreditch Street Art Tours rejoiced in the return of Cranio to London and expressed the hope that he would be decorated some Shoreditch walls with his Amazon Rainforest party characters.  Barely a week on London soil has resulted in a collaboration frenzy.

Cranio caught up with another Brazilian Alex Senna who is in town and they merged their characteristic styles in what seems to be a bit of fun aimed at the Brazilian telecommunications network.  Or perhaps they mean the British as surely a Brazilian phone would say “Olá”?tn_P1140339 copy


Through the good offices of F. Castello’s Fun Factory, Cranio bumped into Hong Kong street artist HIN who has been decorating London streets for the past couple of years.  Together they poke fun at deceased despots though it took a while to rule the possibility that one of the characters was meant to be that Psy, the Gangnam Style singer.

tn_P1140336 copy

As we saw earlier, Cranio also got out onto a rooftop with Mighty Mo, a long standing London rooftop king where their cheeky piece catches the Indian in the act of finishing off the Mighty Mo Monkey.

tn_DSC_9824 copy

Speaking of Fun Factory, don’t forget to sign up for tomorrow’s  Street Art Photography Workshop  at 1100 at Fun Factory, full details here

all photos: nolionsinengland