Thurs 1 Aug 2013 Street Art previews

For many years Thursday evenings has meant exploring art show private views when street artists take their skills indoors to galleries.  This Thursday 1 August is set to be one of the busiest evenings of art viewing that I can recall.  The locations are actually quite scattered around London but build your own itinerary out of the following possibilities:


Pure Evil and Martin Whatson have a live painting event in Trumans Yard, Shoreditch starting 16.30.  I’ve just had a sneak peep this morning in the Pure Evil Gallery dungeon at some collaborative canvasses they are working on right now and they are WOW!  Pure Evil’s Distressed Nightmare series just gets even better!

“We Are All Skateboarders”

Cultivate, Vyners St.

Collective art action in protest against proposed demolition of The Undercroft, Southbank, including open call for artists:

“We at Cultivate, as working artists (who, on the whole don’t know one end of a skateboard from another) feel strongly enough about the misleading tactics and arrogant destruction being forced on us by those who run the Southbank complex and who claim to care about art, to cancel our planned August First Thursday Pop Will Eat Itself show and instead put in a completely new show called WE ARE ALL SKATEBOARDERS”

Do check full details here:


Know Hope: ‘The Abstract And The Very Real’

Know Hope, Shoreditch, 2008

The Outsiders (Lazarides)

11 Rathbone Place,

West End

London W1T 1HR

Press release:


Bob Motown: “OH HAI!!”


Look Mum No Hands (yes, the cyclists café)

49 Old St.

London, EC1V 9HX

A FREE mini-zine will be given away on opening night to the first 50 guests.


Roll Over Play Dead –group show presented by High Rollers Society,

Participating artists include 45RPM, Aida, John Atherton, Mighty Mo, Sweet Toof, Nylon, Will Barras, Malarky, Mantis, Gold Peg, Rowdy, Sickboy to pick a few  of our favourites from the line up.

Will Barras, Leake St, 2008

Full details here:

Stour Space

7 Roach Road,

Hackney Wick

London E3 2PA


Andy Seize: “Off The Rails”

Expect pop cartoon super characters and an amazing installation from old school graffiti writer Seize.

Andy Seize, Shoreditch, 2009


28 Redchurch Street


London E2 7DPb

Possible RSVP required, other events at this space have been zero tolerance guest list jobs.


Andy Warhol & Tim Bessell:  ‘Warhol Surf’

17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD



Will Vibes:  “Forward Motion”

Sure to touch the heights of his solo show with Rarekind from 2009 as we described on Graffoto here:

Vibes RT, Shoreditch, 2009

39 Great Windmill St

London W1D 7LX

Forward Motion Poster- Will Vibes


Mr Penfold: “Debut Solo/New Works”

Mr Penfold & Numskull (Aus), Shoreditch 2012


69 Camden High St

London NW1 7JL



Bomb The Box:

Story is each Sunday for next 6 weeks, an “international” graffiti crew gets to paint a container and this Thursday there’s a viewing of work by the crew members.  Mysterious undisclosed artists but free drink promised so who’s saying the sales pitch is missing the important bit?

Box Park

2-10 Bethnal Green Road


Event page here

Please note some of these may require contact with the gallery to get a name on the guest list.