Three policewomen all turn to stare at Perspicere's string art

Scenes from the Whitecross Street Art Party

After the Sunday tour this weekend I cycled over to the Whitecross Street Party, always a reliable live street art/music/food fest.  Here are some mainly work-in-progress highlights.  Most of the ground level art, particularly those pieces on hoardings were only on temporary display so I regret not being able to hang around to see the finished artworks.  

Street artist Neonite painting at the Whitecross Street Party in London


Whitcross Street Party crowd overlooked by brand new portrait by street artist Mr Cenz

Stage watcher overlooked by Mr Cenz’s epic futurist portrait

Street Artist Gent 48 painting on a board at the Whitecross Street Party

Gent 48

Inflatable paint brush by street artist Filthy Luker with rainbow colours painted by Stikka ID at Whitecross Street Party

Filthy Luker inflatable paintbrush with floor painting by Stika

Boris the Spider Boris Johnson spins a web of lies as painted by street artists Spore and Mr Oliver Switch at Whitecross Street Party

Boris The Spider and his web of lies by Spore and Mr Oliver Switch

A choise singing Glory Glory Hallelujah in front of inflatable monster Goofs by Filthy Luker at Whitecross Street Party

Choir singing Glory Glory Hallelujah while Filthy Luker’s Goofs menace them from above

The featured image at the top shows Perspicere’s string art work in progress being admired by three passing policewomen.  Perspicere’s string street art has been a familiar sight over the last decade and these super complex string portraits are a new form of his art which have been appearing on the streets in the past year.

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Regrettably I could not get to Perspicere’s solo show at BSMT Space last month so this was the first chance I had to see the string portraits being created live and it is just jaw dropping.  Here is a short clip made yesterday at the Whitecross Street Party showing how magic is made.


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All photos and video: Dave Stuart