D*Face, Kai and Sunny and Shepard Fairey London art show “Unity”

Massive queues, a packed opening night at a gallery – is this 2008 all over again?  Actually no, it’s D*Face collaborating with two of StolenSpace’s long term friends Kai and Sunny, a double act counting as one friend, and Shepard Fairey. Many may recall that D*Face’s gallery StolenSpace has hosted three major Shep Fairey solo Read More

“Light Of Life” David Speed Gallery Exhibition

Break out street artists are rare beasts.  These are street artists whose appeal grows way beyond the natural base of street art fans leading to popularity and commercial success.  Commercial success doesn’t preclude artistic success of course. David Speed started his neon illuminated portraits and animal painting around Shoreditch a few years ago and has Read More

Street Art Highlights in August

August has been a month of surprises – it stayed dry – and as Banksy trumps everything in the street art world, this month’s review starts with a flashback to an exciting daytrip to East Anglia to witness Banksy’s Spraycation street art fest.  Banksy put up 10 new street art pieces, two were never found Read More

Banksy Spraycation Street Art Locations Guide

The Great Banksy Spraycation resulted in what we now know were originally 10 new street art pieces in East Anglia. Early last week I headed off in a fever of excitement to explore the locations, the resulting photos and insights can be seen HERE. A couple of the artworks proved rather tricky to find, one Read More

Banksy Street Art Staycation In East Anglia

East Anglia has in the past week or so became home to a spectacular trove of Banksy street art.  Banksy created a grand total of 10 new pieces of street art and to put this in context, there were only 5 outdoor Banksy artworks at his own Dismaland group show in 2015! With my son Read More

July 2021 Street Art Top Marks

July!  That’s Summer supposedly, the start of Summer holidays and based on this year’s experience the time when every street art fan must consider carrying sun tan cream, an anorak and an umbrella!  The weather was a bit bonkers but the art was sensational. The feature image above is Frida Kahlo by Lost Hills looking Read More

JR: Chronicles Saatchi Gallery Exhibition

One question I always flounder with is “Who do you think the up and coming future stars in street art are?”, like I have any idea about art picking!   The easier question is “Who has emerged?” and if there is one person who can’t be left out of that answer it is French artist JR.  Read More

EINE Street Art Scary Monsters

It’s back! The Eine street art mural SCARY on Rivington Street, familiar to many many Shoreditch Street Art Tour guests as the penultimate piece of art on the tour has been restored to its original colour scheme, check the featured image above. Painted in 2007, back in the days when if a street artist wanted Read More