Political Street Art Virtual Tour

 composite image political street art Anti Palm Oil plantation Orangutang and May and Trump doing La La Land dance renamed Lie Lie Land

Political Street Art Virtual Tour

Online virtual tour via Zoom, no travel required! See “What is a virtual street art tour

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The Political Street Art virtual tour surveys the causes and methods street artists use to impart political messages and campaigns through public street art.

Street art is inherently political, through the act of assuming the privilege to take over part of the public visual landscape and often using other people’s property without permission.

The photographic presentation looks at 15 years of political street art featuring ad-busting, anti-racism, Trump, Brexit, environment and climate causes, feminist messages, humanitarian campaigns not to mention street artists response to the coronavirus pandemic, general election messages.

We will also look at some examples where street artists made positive supportive political street art and a fascinating look at how interactions on a piece of street art lead to political discourse.

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