Banksy artwork on a street showing a workman painting yellow no parking lines has painted no parking lines in shape of a yellow flower on the side of a building

Banksy Virtual Tour 10th Feb

Here is a Banksy reminder and a plea!

Banksy – The London Chronicle is scheduled for Wednesday 10th February at 1900GMT.

This is an online virtual Banksy Tour hosted by Dave Stuart from Shoreditch Street Art Tours on Zoom.  Book here

Photo montage, larger image is a stencilled rat with a paw dripping red paint and graffiti which says “If Graffiti changed anything it would be illegal”, second image is a Banksy stencil of a horse riding highwayman rearing back on its hind legs

Banksy – The London Chronicle 10th Feb 2021

Guests cams will be disabled – no need to dress up!

Now here is the plea:  Please share this information with any frontline NHS staff you know who might like a free ticket to join this virtual presentation.  If they email Shoreditch Street Art Tours free tickets are available

“Game Changer” – Banksy, Photo: Banksy website

Coming next week is the first public broadcast of our Political Street Art webinar.  Book here

Photo montage, larger image is a two painted portraits of children with very colourful clothing, the faces were sprayed by street artist Zabou, the colourful striped clothing was made from fabric and wool by Mexican street artist Victoria Villasanna. The smaller image is a stencil by the street artist Bambi which has the image of Emma Stone joyfully dancing with Ryan Gosling in the film La La Land but their heads have been replaced by Theresa May and Donald Trump and the caption changed to Lie Lie Land

Child Free Labour by Zabou and Victoria Villasanna, 2016; Lie Lie Land by Bambi, 2017

“Bulk buy” two virtual street art tours, the Banksy one and the political street art one, for a 10% discount.  Email for info (tickets not available by Eventbrite)

“ An amazing insight into Street Art, Graffiti Culture and the works of Banksy. ” (Thanks to Leiola via Tripadvisor reviews)

From the archives – this is what  a Banksy Tour looked like in 2006!

Shoreditch Street Art Tours, 10 years, Graffoto, Cancer Sell, HowAboutNo, Stef, Hoodacious, Shellshock, Bravo99, London

Banksy Tour 2006 feat Banksy, future Shoreditch Street Art Tours Dave and future Graffoto team Shellshock, NoLionsInEngland & HowAboutNo. Photo from HowAboutNo

All photos (except where stated) Dave Stuart