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Happy Christmas, Maybe

Here is how a few street artists have wished yuletide greetings to anyone who tears their eyes away from the bright lights and window displays to observe their seasonal street art.

I’m sure many of us emphasise with Benjamin Irritant’s swipe at excessive Christmas consumption’

Benjamin Irritant – Hysterical Mass Consumerism

Inkteractive has gone a little bit robust with the fond felicitations, lets hope the weather is a good as captured in the instamatic polaroid pic.



The MisFortuneTeller has a new business line selling Christmas Unicorns as the healthy alternative to Turkey, bloody GM research!

The MisFortuneTeller – Have A Unicorn For Christmas

Some artist really entered into the Christmas spirit by placing free art out on the streets as lovely stocking fillers for the eagle eyed.  On Christmas Eve a lovely Sean Worrall piece found a new home, this one seemed to be some kind of “re-issue” or a rare “number error” piece, the Sean Worrall equivalent of a Penny Black!

Inkteractiv also left a lovely framed piece on the street which Santa should now be conveying to North Car

to a nice home, from Inkteraktiv

Inkteractiv also left a lovely framed Xmas gift on the street which Santa should now be conveying to North Carolina if all goes to plan.


Finally, all that remains is to wish all a Happy Christmas or Seasonal Greetings as appropriate and best wishes to all for the New Year.



Benjamin Irritant instagram

Inkteraktiv instagram

The MisFortuneTeller Instagram

Sean Worrall website

all photos: Dave Stuart


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Street Art Against Hate

In a weekend when a lot of new street art appeared in Shoreditch one creation particularly stood out, the new “Wall Of Love” from the #NoHate family of street artists.   This consists signature art from 355 artists rendered in a circular format under the slogans #StreetartAgainstHate #ToLiveAndLetLive

Streetart Against Hate; Live And Let Live 

This London installation was put together by 8ArmsToHug from Cologne assisted by street art friends in the area, so perhaps it would be more appropriate to use the German versions of the slogans #StreetArtJajeHass #LevveUnLevveLoss

Featuring Homo Riot (LA)

The impact of seeing this on this wall in real life is immense. I was humbled to share the experience seeing this for the first time in the company of Patricia and Manuel Oliver whose son Joaquin Oliver was a victim of a mass killing earlier this year in the US. Joaquin was one of 14 high school children and 3 school staff killed along with 17 others wounded when a 19 year old male armed with a semi automatic rifle entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with murderous intent and devastating consequences.

Parkland Florida Victims, image courtesy CBS News

Patricia and Manuel have set up a charity Change The Ref “To empower our next generation so they can fight for their values, have their voices heard, and impact change for their future.” Founded in the memory of their son Joaquin who was one of the 17 victims, Manuel and Patricia Oliver are committed to making sure that their son’s life and the lives of the other 16 victims are never forgotten and that real change happens to prevent future tragedies like this from happening ever again.

Manual told me that they aim to change the American gun culture by making powerful graphic statements all around the world and urban art is part of their efforts to send their message in non traditional ways.

WE DEMAND…. Mural by Manuel Oliver, Winwood, Miami. Photo supplied by Manuel Oliver

Notice the electrical box cleverly simulating a lecturn inviting visitors to declare their support.

Gun control and anti hate are not perfect synonyms but they are facets of the same coin. I felt honoured to be able to show Patricia and Manuel a lot of politically engaged art in Shoreditch including Jimmy C’s Trayvon Martin mural, Bambi’s tribute to Michael Brown and of course the epic new NoHate wall.

Live and Let Live: Germany’s legendary 1Up graffiti crew


Live and Let Live

The #StreetArtAgainstHate originated in Cologne just one month ago and has gone viral. Live and Let Live or #LevveUnLevveLosse in its original German is actually the motto of Cologne, described as a s, 8ArmsToHug says there are now over 530 artists from all over the world taking part, see how many you can identify in the photos! The #NoHate derives its power from its volume, each individual artist makes a small contribution but the mass of messages combine to project a message far louder than the sum of the individual artist’s voices.

Street art is a platform which many artists use successfully in transmitting powerful messages to an audience larger and more diverse than their own social circle, and yes, street art supports many campaigns to end advertising, smash capitalism, prevent injustice, stop gentrification, education for all and so on, all brilliant causes passionately cherished by their champions but surely there can’t be a more power purpose that ending hate and ending the insanity of human on human gun violence. My only regret is that I don’t feel capable of capturing the intensity of seeing this wonderful wall in person.


#StreetartAgainstHate feauring Mythos BLN

Many thanks to 8ArmstoHug for her patient help with background, not to mention of course putting up the London Wall Of Love

featuring Smiler, a tour regular


Live and Let Live/levve Un Levve Losse Instagram

Change the Ref: Website

8ArmsToHug Instagram

All photos Dave Stuart (Instagram) except where noted

This post originally appeared on the Author’s personal street art blog Graffoto


Shoreditch Street Art Photography

Street art in Shoreditch is incredibly photogenic and guests on the Shoreditch street art tours are encouraged and helped to take better photographs by our world reknown and exhibited street art photographer-guide.  Some of our guests don’t need any assistance at all and we are delighted to show the work of Urbanshooters who took these shots on a Shoreditch Street Art Tour in the past week.  Check out the detail, the narrow depth of field and the colour tones Urbanshooters has found in Jonesy’s castings on brick – beautiful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Details of the Shoreditch Street Art Photography Workshops will be announced shortly, sign up to our newsletter HERE to be sure of receiving the update.


All photographs Urbanshooters

Sept 5th First Thursday London Art Preview Mayhem

Time to plan your Thursday night’s art preview entertainment and geo-align social diaries with mates.  Dunno what geo-align means and since I just invented the word good luck to everyone else but with Fun Factory plus four events that box the compass without really actually being in Shoreditch, there is a strong case for biking it.

note: some openings may require an RSVP, a check via gallery website is recommended


Fun Factory – “First Thursday” is Last Thursday

Fun Factory closes this weekend for the time being so this is one last hurrah, give or take a street art pub quiz Friday evening and closing party Sunday evening!   New pieces on display.

Fun Factory

133-135 Bethnal Green Rd

London E2 7DG

 Fun Factory,Street,Art,streetart,shoreditch,London

photo: Will Edgecombe


Meryl Donaghue  “I Thought To have Been Gone By Now…”

Stolen Space Gallery

17 Osbourne St,

London E1 6TD

Geographically most far flung though it kind of depends which way up you hold the map:


Stolen Space,Gallery,DFace,Street,Art,streetart,shoreditch,London

“I Thought To have Been Gone By Now…”


Bael: “Anima”

Signal Gallery

32 Paul St


probe your inner feminine personality or find a shock inner masculine personality, depending!

Signal Gallery,Dale Grimshaw,Face,Street,Art,streetart,shoreditch,London


Hannah Adamaszek: Through the minds eye

Curious Duke Gallery

207 Whitecross Street
London EC1Y 8QP

Curios Duke Gallery,Street,Art,streetart,shoreditch,London



Urban and Iconic, Group show feat Otto Schade, Max Zorn, Tank Petrol, SF80, James Bourbon, Pins, Cityzenkane, Pegasus, Zabou, Mr Cenz, Tizer One and Pins

Arch 402 Gallery

Cremer St

London E2 8HD

Arch 402 gallery,,Street,Art,streetart,shoreditch,London


photos: stolen from gallery websites and showpromo materials, except where credited.

Saki and Bitches New Street Art In Shoreditch, London

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Every tour, every day, something new!  Today, we were delighted to find some brand new Saki and Bitches’ imprisoned geisha girls.   We have long been an admirer of Saki & B’s vintage erotica on the streets, something we discussed on sister blog Graffoto a few years back – click here.

The poor ladies in this incarnation appear to be trapped behind bars, I wonder what offence they could possibly have committed?


all photos: nolionsinengland (on a blackberry!)