Time Out Features Shoreditch Street Art Tours

Time Out is the go to guide for whats happening in London and we were very proud to be featured in the printed magazine last week as a story teller, though a chameleon like ability to coordinate a shirt with the street art may have been a factor in the full page coverage!

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Dave coordinates with Ozmo’s version of “Big Fish Eat Small Fish” (2011) – photos by Rob Greig courtesy Time Out

That ability to waffle finally proved its worth, though some of the “quotes” have been paraphrased in Time Out’s own inimical style.   In the inset photo Dave is describing the “Connectivity” mural to a tour group, that is a truly world class mural in the heart of Shoreditch and last year its creation was described quite comprehensively on our Graffoto personal blog, click HERE.

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Connectivity mural (painted 2018) – photo Dave Stuart

Time Out has kindly allude to the origins of my time as a tour guide, this goes back to April 2008 and the Shoreditch Street Art Tours got all misty eyed last year about those humble beginnings HERE

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In The Beginning: ^2008. NOT THIS YEAR!!  Artwork by MJar

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