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Autumn Leaves – Street Art Announces change of season

This week saw knobbly knees being tucked into jeans for the first time in about 3 months, Summer is definitely over and Autumn brings with it a fresh  leaf fall.  This leaf is courtesy of Sean Worrall and it is a gorgeous specimen from his #artdrops project.

Suzanne from LA was the lucky person who retrieved this from the wall – just, tip toes required!

This particular leaf is number 11 of the 2019 #artdrops series.  We love the Extinction Symbol in support of Extinction Rebellion on the back.

On his  Facebook page Sean says:

“43 paintings [] will make up the month-long #43Leaves piece. 43 paintings on found recycled unwanted material picked up off the streets. Material picked up, cleaned up, painted on and then left hanging back out on the street for people to just take should they wish to”.

Thank you Sean for your characteristic generosity of spirit.

Nice to know another one of Sean’s leafs is taking up residence in a location far far away.  Sean’s free art #artdrops have featured on the Shoreditch Street Art Tours blog quite frequently in the past, check them out here


Sean Worrall website

Sean Worrall Facebook

All photographs Dave Stuart