Free Art by Sean Worrall #43 Project

Artist and gallerist Sean Worrall devoted a huge amount of energy in 2015 to a project he called #365ArtDrops, leaving painted art on found materials on the streets for people to find, keep and treasure. Quite a number of guests over the year had the good fortune to finish the tour clutching a chance find Read More

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New Years Day New Free Art by Sean Worrall

Last night I was picking photos and writing words to go in a review of 2015 street art that had caught my eye when I saw on Sean Worrall’s facebook page that he had been out hanging a few pieces of free street art, also known as found art or art that the artist does Read More

Free Art Finds Fresh Home – #365ArtDrops Sean Worrall

Found Art, art left on the streets by artists specifically for members of the public to find and keep for free is always incredibly exciting.  “PLEASE TAKE” says the inscription on the rear of this piece, the invitation could not be more precise. London based artist Sean Worrall has embarked on a 365artdrop project which Read More

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Autumn Leaves – Street Art Announces change of season

This week saw knobbly knees being tucked into jeans for the first time in about 3 months, Summer is definitely over and Autumn brings with it a fresh  leaf fall.  This leaf is courtesy of Sean Worrall and it is a gorgeous specimen from his #artdrops project. Suzanne from LA was the lucky person who Read More

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Happy Christmas, Maybe

Here is how a few street artists have wished yuletide greetings to anyone who tears their eyes away from the bright lights and window displays to observe their seasonal street art. I’m sure many of us emphasise with Benjamin Irritant’s swipe at excessive Christmas consumption’ Inkteractive has gone a little bit robust with the fond Read More

Half Term – No Half Measures

Spring half term holiday has just finished in the UK and Shoreditch Street Art tours was busy.  On Monday as a group admired the work in the car park behind the old Seven Stars Pub a car screeched into the yard and, like some kind of artist tardis, a dark door opened and out came Read More

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Tour Group Finds Free Art On Streets

It was a gorgeous sunny day in Shoreditch today and a very special bunch of flowers came into bloom.   Artist Sean Worrall is renown for his generous distribution of free art in various parts of London and indeed occasionally even further afield. A leaf bloomed against a backdrop of art by ThisOne and came into Read More

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So Porno Street Art Tour

It must be Christmas and a mood of festive generosity is welling up within street artists. Mr. Farenheit, a perennial tour favourite left a couple of sticker packs out on the walls which tour guests found today. The main photo above is a novel group photograph of Shoreditch Street Art Tour guests, there must be Read More