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I Had A Dream

Street Art is something we are so passionate about and on the tour and in this blog we celebrate its diverse forms, its infinite sources of inspiration and the myriad messages, effects and displays of beauty that grace our walls.  We never underestimate how lucky we are to share this love with so many enthusiastic guests of the tour and it is always hugely appreciated when guests share how much they enjoyed their tour with Shoreditch Street Art Tours.

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photographing Clet Abraham

Today, courtesy of Walkingwomble (The Wombles were characters from a children’s animation on the BBC when I was a kid back in the 70s, they lived on Wimbledon Common and cleaned up rubbish) we have reached a major milestone with our 1500th review on Tripadvisor.    96.8% of the reviews are 5 star, the highest level in the top ten of the “Tours In London” category.  We feel honoured and immensely proud that so many of our guests have taken the time to provide such wonderful feedback on our tours.  We never imagined this when we started Shoreditch Strete Art Tours – it was a dream!

Shoreditch, Street art, Tour, London, Tripadvisor,Faith 47, night photography, gate, Old Truman Brewery

Faith 47 at night

To celebrate this milestone an d to say a big thank you to all of our fantastic guests and to all of the street artists who use the walls in Shoreditch as their gallery, here is a little selection of street art photographed in the past month or so as we pass this amazing milestone mixed in with some shots of guests on tour.

This compelling snog between Catwoman and Batman appeared last week and a famous mouse provides matching rays of sunshine courtesy of Neon Savage.

Shoreditch, Street art, Tour, London, Tripadvisor, Catwoman, Batman, artist unknown

Catwoman and Batman, artist unknown with Neon Savage

Uberfubs has been placing these amazing sequinned pieces art for several years now, many expressing political sentiments.

Shoreditch, Street art, Tour, London, Tripadvisor, Ubefubs, donald trump, sequeins, political street art


Dr Cream photographs his street art to produce animations and guests photographing street art on the Street Art Photography Workshop get to do it in style

Shoreditch, Street art, Tour, London, Tripadvisor, Street Art Photography Workshop, Dr Cream

Capturing Dr Cream

Our street art tours sometimes provide opportunities for glimpsing street art in the moment of creation, occasionally to meet street artists but always thereis the possibility of taking great photographs.

Shoreditch, Street art, Tour, London, Tripadvisor, Street Art Photography Worksho, mirror, reflection, double, ROA

Reflecting on Roa

Shoreditch, Street art, Tour, London, Tripadvisor, Street Art Photography Workshop, Thatcham Photography Club, pointilism, JimmyC, James Cochrane

Thatcham Photography Club & JimmyC

Shoreditch, Street art, Tour, London, Tripadvisor, Sell out, trash sculpture, femme maison

Seasonal trash sculpture installation by Sell Out (featured), Femme Maison

Finally, after several weeks of tours in typical December weather for London, lets remind ourselves that the sun does indeed shine on the tour sometimes, this lovely photo is by tour guest Suzanne Muhaffie:

Shoreditch, Street art, Tour, London, Tripadvisor, tour guide, Dave Stuart, sunshine, rays

Sure – photograph by Suzanne Muhaffie

Thanks again to so many of you for your kind and generous feedback and for uploading photographs of the great street art the artists create in London.

Season’s greetings and happy holidays to all.



AJ Lavilla (featured photo sticker) Instagram

Clet Abraham Facebook

Faith 47 Website

Neon Savage Instagram

Uberfubs Instagram

Dr Cream Instagram , Youtube

Roa Facebook

JimmyC Website

Sell Out Instagram

Sam Sure Instagram

All photographs Dave Stuart except Suzanne Muhaffie where noted


Awarded Certificate Of Excellence

Shoreditch Street Art Tours is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious and prized Tripadvisor 2015 Certificate of Excellence.

This award is testament to two things, the most important is our wonderful guests who have chosen to share their appreciation of the Shoreditch Street Art Tour activities with the public through Tripadvisor. The second, and we blush here, is down to the quality of the tour.

London, Shoreditch,streetart,tour,walk,guests,guided,

Tripadvisor Certificate Of Excellence

At this moment a quick glance at Tripadvisor shows that since its first review appeared in July 2013, Shoreditch Street Art Tours has received 601 reviews and a massive 587 – that’s 98% – of those are 5 out of 5 stars. The other 14 of course are all 4 stars.

The art always changes, the route may changes, the message often changes but the quality of the experience is unwaivering.

London, Shoreditch,streetart,tour,walk,guests,guided,

photo: Ron de Vos (guest)

We thank all the guests who have provided feedback through Tripadvisor and the other locations where independent reviews can be placed, here are just a few snippets from recent Tripadvisor reviews:

“I brought along my husband who didn’t have a previous interest in the subject and at the end he said, “This is the best tour I have ever been on in any city”. ” – Annie Y, 16 May 2015

“Don’t skip the Tate. But this is even better. ” – Gutflam5, 15 May 2015

“with Dave’s expertise, we were able to understand and decode the messages hidden in the work” – Maria V, 12 May 2015

Certificate courtesy Tripadvisor

Group photo: Ron de Vos

London, Shoreditch, Street art, tours,tour,walk,tripadvisor,reviews,independent

Wow – You Are Awesome (yes you!)

Wow – you guys are awesome! You’ve only gone and written 500 brilliant reviews on Tripadvisor of Shoreditch Street Art Tours. In doing so you have made Shoreditch Street Art Tours the 3rd best thing to do in London out of 1179 activities! For a while your support even made us No. 2, maybe we’ll get back there sometime.

The thing is, these reviews are the independent opinions of guests of Shoreditch Street Art Tours, we can write all the waffle we want on our website but none of it will ever mean as much as your independent feedback, that’s the beauty of Tripadvisor, it is you folks and your brilliant summaries.

So, thank you very much to all of you who have shown unanimous appreciation of the passion and dedication put into making Shoreditch Street Art Tours such a memorable and powerful experience.

There are over 200 super photos taken by guests on the tour have been uploaded to the Shoreditch Street Art Tours Tripadvisor profile and as a tribute to you, we have created brief slideshow of a selection of those pictures. The guests whose photos feature in this selection are acknowledged in the picture captions and of course we thank all other Tripadvisor reviewers who have also uploaded a selection of their photogenic memories of the tour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

100th Tripadvisor Review Milestone

Woo hooooo – 100 Tripadvisor reviews for Shoreditch Street Art Tours!!!! Thank you very much to all our guests who have shared their love for Shoreditch Street Art Tours on Tripadvisor.

Shoreditch,East End, London, tripadvisor,Street art, street, art,review, reviews

100 UP!

99 reviewers rated us 5 star “Excellent” and a solitary 4 star “Very Good”  rounds up the century.  We love to read words like passionate, knowledgeble, personable, expert, empathetic, friendly, and enjoyable in our guests opinions.  These are your independent opinions, they matter to other members of the community and they really matter to us.

Once again, thanks to all of our guests for enjoying the world’s best outdoor gallery with Shoreditch Street Art Tours and special thanks to those who shared their positive opinions with the rest of the Tripadviser community, thanks to you guys Shoreditch Street Art Tours is currently ranked 14th best  out of 528 activities in London.

Update (27 Jan) – now ranking 13th (and rising?)